The LSAT Experimental Section Part 3/3

What Is The LSAT Experimental Section? So you want to go to law school, that’s great! Chances are you are preparing to take your LSAT Exam to secure a seat in the program of your choice. As most students who have already taken the exam will tell you, the exam doesn’t really analyze how well you know [...]

The LSAT Experimental Section Part 2/3

What Is The LSAT Experimental Section? The LSAT is an important part of every potential law student’s portfolio. The score you get on the exam will mean the choice between gaining admission into the school of your choice and being regulated to another institution.  Most students spend a great deal of time preparing themselves for [...]

The LSAT Experimental Section Part 1/3

What Is The LSAT Experimental Section? For students planning on going to law school, the LSAT exam is a pretty big deal. The scores achieved can mean the difference between getting into your dream school and having to choose from your second line of options. Getting a good score is more likely when you are [...]

Tips for the LSAT Reading Comprehension Section Part 3/3

Most often, students are not able to diagnose why they are not able to score well on their reading comprehension portions of the LSAT exam. Many think that they simply read to slow, or just don’t understand the passages but there are things you can do to improve your skills and your performance on the [...]

Tips for the LSAT Reading Comprehension Section Part 2/3

Reading comprehension is a problem faced by many students, not just those taking the LSAT. The reading comprehension section of the exam is intended to test your understand of information presented in the written form. Is may seem like knowing how to read and understanding how to apply law would be enough to score well, [...]

Tips for the LSAT Reading Comprehension Section Part 1/3

Taking the LSAT exam is a serious matter that should be approached with a desire to get the best score possible. Keeping that in mind, we have decided to tackle the topic of how to improve reading comprehension skills so that you can better understand the questions on the test, which will lead to

Tips for the LSAT Logic Games: Part 3

The LSAT can be tough to prepare for, and honestly a bit intimidating. Fear not, the logic portions of the test are really not as bad as it seems. Rather than testing your logic perimeters, it really aims to see if you can figure out things that have no logic. Here are a few tips to help [...]

Gain Experience: Take an LSAT Practice Test

The legal system is a complex beast that can take a lifetime to master, for which your time is law school will help you prepare. Unlike many of the course specific test you may take in class, the LSAT is comprised of a range of topics intended to test your aptitude and understanding of legal material.

Why YOU Need to Take A Pre-LSAT Exam

The LSAT exam in intended to test a broad range of skills learned during the course of a student’s before entering law school. The test is complex, challenging and more than a little difficult for even the most avid student. Proper preparation and mass amounts of study are required if you intend to pass the test, but [...]